Time out of enclosure to explore and watch the fish

Daily health checks and close proximity to a veterinarian if needed

Grooming and bathing services available

Powerful HVAC system for exceptional temperature control and air filtration

Comfy and soft bedding for curling up

Clean and comfortable rooms away from our dog guests

Call (979) 836-1956 for reservations

Why Barking Ranch for Boarding?


We take CARE of your CAT as if they were our own!  


Our animal-loving trained staff is dedicated to keeping your cat safe and comfortable, while giving them the attention and love you know they want.  We work hard to reduce any stress they might be feeling, and offer opportunity for them to explore our Cat Corral.          

Cat Boarding in Brenham


Cat Boarding in Brenham


Follow your pets on Instagram and Facebook for peace of mind with photo options offered

Gourmet treats and one-on-one activities available 

Meals from home and most medications given with no extra charge


Come visit us and see what sets Barking Ranch above the rest.  You can either schedule a time or stop by during office hours, and we will be happy to show you around. Feel confident when leaving your pet in our care. Contact us here.    


Call our Client Specialists today to make a reservation.  They can help you pick the right room and services for your pet's stay, collect important information to tell us all about your pet, and make sure your pet is up-to-date with our requirements. Call us at (979) 836-1956.   

Commitment to hear them purr! Individual care and attention for every cat

Cat Corral is

complete with

windows and

fish tank for cat viewing pleasure