Nail trimming or filing

Summer cuts

Medicated  baths

Ear cleaning

Breed specific cuts

Thank you for the great groom!  My little schnauzer looked so handsome after.   




Professional Full Grooms

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Experienced Groomer with Medical Knowledge  

Cheri has over 7 years experience grooming all breeds of dogs.  She is also a Registered Veterinary Technician that cares about the overall health of your pet.  She is gentle and patient and treats each client as if they were her own!

Meet Our Groomer


Our pet grooming and bathing staff will work hard to have your pet looking and feeling its best! Your pet will begin to be pampered the moment they enter the salon doors, with gentle hands and professional technique. We use high quality shampoos and conditioners, and offer a variety of services, including breed specific cuts, maintenance programs, specialized summer cuts, baths/blow drys and more!

Pet Grooming in Brenham


Cheri Ellis

Teeth brushing

De-matting and Shed Control

I know my two babies are well cared for when getting their haircuts. And they come home clean and happy!