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Behavior Training at Barking Ranch

In addition to the behaviors listed above, some dogs have particular needs or behavior problems.  Our trainer can tailor a program around the needs of your individual dog. Options include private sessions with you and your dog, and in-home training sessions for particular behavior issues.  Contact us to set up a free initial evaluation.        






My goal is to teach your dog how to learn. I believe that each dog is a unique individual, and it is my job as a trainer to understand what motivates your dog. With positive motivation and clear communication, your dog can enjoy learning. 

Let us offer your dog training while staying with us at the ranch.  Your dog will have multiple daily sessions with our trainer, while enjoying luxury accommodations. This is a great option for any dog over 4 months of age, and especially those over 1 year of age, needing training. The basic behaviors taught include: sit, stay, lie down, down stay, come when called, and walking on a loose leash.      


2 Week Bunking with Behavior Program: 

Risa Pringle

Custom Training Camp Program

Programs Offered

Experience and Knowledge

Risa has been training dogs since 1996, and has been competing at a national and international level in Mondioring and Frenchring (obedience protection sports) for many years.  Risa and her dog Kuda represented the USA at the 2006 Mondioring International Grand Prix, and is currently titled in PSA, Schutzhund, Mondioring, and Frenchring.     

  • Licensed Contraband dog handler 
  • Licensed DOD vendor and private vendor for police departments


Meet Our Trainer


We all want our family dog to be happy, confident, and obedient.  Let us help you give your dog, and your family, the skills and knowledge to make that happen. Every dog is unique, and responds to training differently. We have various programs available, and can tailor a program to your dog's individual needs.